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VisualEffects transitions

Mac OS X (10) | Core Image (3) | Snapshot (2) |
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  • Bernd Niggemann
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  • 24 March 2010
some transitions for MacOs X = 10.4 and up
some of the build in Quicktime and core image transitions of Rev for MacOs X
Needs a graphic card > 64 Mb and System 10.4 and above. For the core image transitions (I like curl which is a turning of a page, looks a bit like peeling the card off) some horespower is needed.

Actually this shows, how to "fake" a core image effect for a transition. The core image effects operate on images. I wanted to use it for the card to card transition. To the rescue comes Revs snapshot. On these snapshots of the cards work the core image effects when going from card to card.

I made this just to see if it could be done and since it came up on the forum I just uploaded it here.

Although I think the big times of transitions are gone....

You might also want to look at the "Core Image Sampler.rev" stack in the Resources->Examples folder that ships with Rev (Mac version). The core image effects were taken from there.
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