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SOUND utility - cross fade

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  • Robert Maniquant
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  • 14 May 2010
AUDIO - crossfade test and demo
A simple test trial to see how it is possible to cross fade the sound of two players, following a discussion on Nabble about audio limitations of runrev and a suggestion by Scott Rossi.

1) Prepare two .mov files named movie1.mov and movie2.mov and put them in the directory of this stack.

2) PLAY : It does work... Stop and experiment with CrossFade. I added two parameters to play with and test smoothiness crossfade duration and number of steps.

Limitations ;

...so long you do not expect a precise synchronisation between files. Because start time of both sounds are not exactly timed (there is a specific nabble topic on that point), and reactivity depends on each precise hardware...

...and you must use player and not internal sounds.

Robert Maniquant 14 th may 2010
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