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Signing Assistant

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  • 13 January 2011
MAS Digital Signing Assistant
Here the full open code to the signing assistant seen in the rev up newsletter for signing applications for mac app store. Go ahead modify it as you wish.

It really pretty simple it just an command line app. It not doing anything different really than it would if one typed in the terminal. This way you can see if something fails. You know you have an error on your end.

I only made this for our company, I really never atteneded it for others. So if you want it to do something other than what it does, get out Livecode and add to it.

You well need the commandline tools installed by the application tools from the paid mac developer portal, other wise it will not fully work.

The app sign save the digital signed version at the same location as the original app bundle. You need to check package contents to see if the code siging is there. If it does not sign, there will be an error dialog (recently added.)

The package sign will place the package at an location. make sure that the package your siging is used with an app bundle that already signed. if your app bundle is not already signed then use both.

the code to verify the sign is in the comments of the code. The package name can not have any white space, but there code in place to replaces white space with "_"

For an little more info check out the revup newsletter @ runrev site. Issue #100
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