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  • 10 June 2011
HyperCard original icons library
This is a LiveCode library of all the original HyperCard icons, for those who need to convert their old HyperCard stacks, and replaces the older upload that was not an image library. During a conversion, LiveCode will automatically include any icons that are part of the stack, but most of the icons are stored in the HyperCard engine and don't come over. This library allows you to access those icons and assign them in your ported stack.

To use it, locate your Icon Library folder, place this stack in the folder, and restart LiveCode. The library will be available in the Image Library under the Development menu, and also in the icon chooser for an individual button. By default, the Icon Library folder is located at:

~/My LiveCode/Resources/Icon Libraries/

These icons have opaque white backgrounds. To make them transparent, right-click on the surrounding white area with the paint bucket tool.
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