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HREF index maker

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  • 18 July 2012
HREF Index of Folder
This is a quick hack program that indexes a set of directories. Ignores the DS Store files, (but not other invisible files yet), and make a page that has HREF links to every page. Something LIKE this will be good for making website downloads and stuff. It also has a VERY good recursive file finder, it is fast and I did not have to write it. I found it free online.

Possible usages if you update it
- making a program to generate a site index - linking to a style sheet, making folder names into headings, and stuff. Filtering images, and any links you want to. The ability to clean up certain folder names for public display, etc.
- What i used if for this time was to make an index of all links to post for another tool to pull down all files over a HTTP connection more easily.
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