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  • Paul Hibbert
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  • 23 December 2013
IDE Enhancement plugin to enable Deselect All
This is a small plugin stack to add an IDE enhancement of allowing the key combination Shift-Cmd-A to deselect all controls on the active card while working in the LC IDE.

This is a shortcut I regularly find useful and the logic just flows from spending many years working full time in page layout software, of course you could easily edit the key combination to suit your preference.

Many thanks to Scott Rossi of tactilemedia.com for the instructions to impliment this plugin.

Revision 2:
Added 2 more shortcuts, Alt-Cmd-S for Save AsÉ (be aware this overrides the LC shortcut to Save All Open Stacks while active), and Shift-Cmd-N to create a new stack.

Added the Activate/De-Activate buttons to allow the script to be built dynamically and make it easier to add more commands.

Changed the stack name to include the 'rev' prefix to hide the stack from the application browser.
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