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  • Bernd Niggemann
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  • 08 June 2014
A grid to visualize snap to grid
put this stack into your plug-ins folder or open directly.

Drag a widget onto the card where you want to visualize the snap-to-grid function of LiveCode.
Remove widget by clicking gray circle, deletes widget from card.
Set grid size from widget, will be saved as preference of Livecode
Toggle snap-to-grid from the widget.
Clicking on the arrow collapses/expands widget and reveals help/reduces space needed.

A previous background color of the card will be restored. A previous background pattern of the card has to be manually reinstated.

Drag/drop code adapted from Livecode's Tools palette.
To inspect the widget's code set the group's 'select grouped controls" property in the Properties Inspector.

version 2
Changed Layout a bit, thanks to Rolf Kocherhans.

version 3
when in editing mode and entering the widget the tool now changes to browse mode and reverts back to editing mode when leaving widget. Speeds up changine gridSize on the fly.
Widget can be draged around the card.

version 4
selected controls will be reselected after leaving gridDrawer when in edit mode
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Jim S
Apr 6, 2016
Hi Bernd,
Thanks for sharing GridDrawer! It is a very useful idea.
I’ve been able to see the grid on some stacks but not others - not sure why.
Should the grid always be the top layer? It appears not as changing the layer number of other co-located items can make it appear or disappear. Is there any way to make it always the top layer?
Ps: I’m fairly new to LiveCode.
Thank you.