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Expander triangle
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  • Bernd Niggemann
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  • 08 June 2014
Bernd Niggemann May 2014
This stack will set the background pattern of a card to a Graph Paper pattern if you drag the "widget" to a card. Choose what will be displayed: horizontal line, vertical line, background color. Change color of elements by clicking into "rainbow".
Clicking gray circle with white x deletes widget from the card. At this point an invisible image "bnBGPattern" will be copied to the card and the backgroundPattern of the card will be set to the id of said image. You can also set the backgroundPattern of e.g. graphics or fields to the id of image "bnBGPattern" manually. To get rid of the backgroundPattern go Properties Inspector of card to "Colors & Patterns" and "clear" the background pattern. Click on arrow to reduce/expand stack.
To inspect group "graphPaper" check "select grouped controls" in the properties inspector.
Once the widget is dropped onto a card it can be dragged around.
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Expander triangle
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Expander triangle