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  • 04 January 2015
colorPiquer is a utility stack I developed to collect and manage the color palettes of all my projects in one place. IÕve got it to the point where IÕm finding it to be quite useful, and thought a few of you might also. It is free to use as you wish.

Thanks to Richmond and his GIMP for providing the crayons, and Howard Bornstein for ColorName stuff.

I hope you find colorPiquer useful. It will help me feel better about all the gifts iÕve received from this list over the years.


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Feb 4, 2021
There are several bugs, if I use the release 9.6.1 / 9.6.2RC2.
I did changed the needs, and can it upload as Version 2, or is Roger Guay rechable, so I can send him the changes, and he make an update than.
What is the best way to do ?
regards thomas