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Yosemite Style Window Creator

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  • 28 April 2015
Yosemite Style Windows (Plugin)
Create Yosemite style windows with this plugin

Hello Everyone...

I wanted to have modern OS X style native windows (with Icons in the Titlebar) in LC for a very long time - I made an enhancement request in the Quality Control Center over a year ago:


Unfortunately there is not much going on with my
request :-( ?!

So, I decided to create a Plugin, that creates such windows with the windowShape technique myself...

I had many problems with stack resizing and some other routines, luckily I could get Bernd into the boat :-) - he and I made this Plugin together !

We hope you enjoy it - all scripts are open !

If you like this kind of windows in your own projects and would like to have real native style OS X windows (Cocoa) then please vote for my enhancement request or leave a comment on the page in the Quality Control Center with the link above.

Rolf Kocherhans & Bernd Niggemann
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