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  • 23 March 2016
Dropbox API 2 library
v1.07 18 Mar 2016
Updated the sharing section of the library so the library is now fully up to date with all current Dropbox API2 calls.

v1.061 18 Nov 2015
Added 2 cards that demonstrate file uploading to dropbox and download from dropbox.

v1.06 13 Nov 2015
On Wednesday 4 Nov 2015, Dropbox announced the official launch of API v2.
This stack demonstrates the DropBox API 2 calls.
The library is in the stack script.

Getting started:
You need to set up a folder app in a dropbox account initially.
You will need to create some dropbox files and folders for testing.
You will need to replace the paths referring to files or folders with real ones in your own dropbox.

OAuth 2 not included since
Error handling is yet to be added.
The beta API2 calls (added by dropbox at the time of the official launch of APIv2) are included in this library but not all of them have functional examples yet.
Bug fixes listed in stack script
The Library is in Stack and card script, with syntax listing on card 1 dependent on the card script copy of the library.
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