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LC Menu Shortcuts

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  • Paul Hibbert
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  • 27 January 2018
Additional LiveCode Version 8+ Menu Shortcuts
This plugin will add to your IDE menu bar shortcuts making some tasks more efficient, it doesn't change the existing shortcuts.
You can choose to use some or all of the shortcuts listed and you can modify them to suit your tastes.
The shortcuts can be applied each time you load LiveCode, they are not made permanent to avoid codesigning problems.
Not compatible with versions earlier than LC8.
Currently only tested on Mac, I would be interested in feedback from Windows/Linux users.
No licence restrictions, feel free to edit/reuse any of the scripts, but please don't rip-off the whole stack/idea.
PLEASE NOTE: This is an early revision so may contain some minor bugs, but it shouldn't do any harm to your stacks as it only affects the IDE menus.

Revision 2:
Updated to work better with LC 9.0.0(dpX).
Added more shortcuts including some for the Development menu.
Added an Auto Apply option (Hold the shift key down to disable on launch).
Added an 'Active' indicator.

Revision 4:
Added the ability for the plug-in to know if the shortcuts are already applied.
Added an install button to move the plugin to your Plugins folder.
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