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Augmented Earth

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  • 06 September 2017
Augmented Earth Sample Version
Please visit us at https://www.theaugmentedearth.com

This is the stack for the Augmented Earth application. This version points to my development server, with a different API key. If you enter records through this version, they will show up for others using this sample stack but will not show up for people using the main app that is available in iTunes for iOS and in Mac and PC versions on my website. Geocoding is not possible with this version, because I had to remove my Bing API key.

I am sharing this code for the following reasons:

1. I am looking for collaborators on all levels. This will help push the project forward.
2. This stack contains code that can help others who want to do 3D mapping. It also contains some other useful code, such as my extremely thorough resize stack scripts and a section for in-app messaging, using a browser widget.
3. All suggested improvements are welcome.

There is still a bit of remnant code in here that I have not removed yet - apologies for that.

Please contact me at AugmentedEarth@gmail.com or admin@theaugmentedearth.com if you want to collaborate.


Jonathan Lynch
Augmented Earth
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