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  • 25 March 2018
Folder Maker
FMaker is a utility stack to make folders/directories.

It will take a list of files from a directory (or a text file) and create folders with the same names as are in the list.

the list can be edited within the stack,
the list entries can have text removed or replaced
* GREP can be used
if the list comes from a directory listing the files can be moved into the
newly created folders.
it uses a couple of SVG widgets so hopefully you will see them.

I actually use it as a standalone on my Mac.

I handle quite a few media files which, after processing, need to be placed in a folder having the same (or similar) name.
Given I do this a lot this was definately a task that could be automated in some way.


Updated FMaker again:
Decided to use the mv shell command to move the files into folders.
The revCopyFile command was fine for small files but larger ones tended to take a while to copy.
mv seems to take the same time regardless of file size, even over network drives.

So the shell command being used is:
mv -f 'filepath' 'directorypath'
where both the "file" and "directory" paths are enclosed in single quotes, and any internal quotes are escaped and single quoted.
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