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  • 15 November 2023
Convert SSA/ASS, SUB ,TTML or SBV to SRT as well as change timings of SRT
A utility stack for subtitles to:
1. convert either SSA/ASS, SUB,TTML or SBV subtitles to the SRT format.
2. change the framerate of an SRT file (or SBV, SUB, SSA/ASS, TTML after conversion to SRT.)
3. Time shift an SRT file.
4. Expand or compress the timecode spread in the SRT file
5. Timecode <-> Seconds converter

Update 15/11/23
1. Re-Index will now deleted emptry text entries
2. Re-Index will now sort the srt file based on the starting timecode.
This could be where you have added a foreign SRT to an English srt so that the foriegn parts also appear. Of course it will work with any languages.

updates 5/03/2023
1. Can now adjust time intervals in SRT files to at least 3 words per second.

updated 6/10/2022
1. Will now convert YouTube's SBV transcript files to SRT format

updated 20/08/2019
1. Correct input srt sub array to account for non sequerntial and repeated indicies.
This allows editing of srt file outside the stack and repair of the indicies.

updated 21/12/18
1. Prelim support for Timed Text Markup Language (TTML) files. (used by the BBC iPlayer)

updated 28/05/18
1. corrects compress/expand routine where timeshift involved.
2. tidied up stack script
3. tidied up GUI
4. moving result into input automatically updates compress/expand values
5. correct reindex handler

Subroutine files (either loaded or resulting from a conversion) can now be:

Dragged in:
Drag a file onto the Input/Edit field to read it in.
Add/remove/edit content from input and result file
If sub entries have been added or deleted in the input file it will need to be reindexed.
Time Shifted:
Change the start timecode and shift all others appopriately.
Expanded or Compressed:
Enter new start and end timecodes and all inbetween will be adjusted.
Framerate Conversion:
For example if the SRT was made for a 23.987 fps video but the copy
you have is 25 fps then this will convert the timecodes in the SRT file
to match the 25 fps video.

SUB files are checked to confirm a framerate present.
If no rate present opportunity to enter one is offered.

Interface recognises file by its extension and will offer appropiate conversion.
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