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  • Stam Kapetanakis
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  • 19 October 2021
A radial dial/slider with useful API
skRadial version 1.0

A radial dial that can be used as a value picker (eg instead of a slider) for a tighter interface.

Huge thanks to Roger Guay for his excellent stack RadialDialOmatic, which was a heavy inspiration for this.

While Roger's stack covers many, many radial display types, skRadial focuses only on a simple radial dial.

skRadial differs in the following ways:

1. Resizeable - drag to resize and all elements will resize appropriately. Currently i have not implemented any form of text size scaling but may do in the future.

2. Handlers for managing appearance and setting the value in script are included in it's behaviour script:
- setTheValue pValue : sets the skRadial's value in script and updates its display
- setLineSize pSize - change the thickness of the lines used to display the skRadial
- setForeColor pColor - change the color of the lines
- setBackColor pColor - set the backgroundColor

3. skRadial comes with a plugin that can edit existing skRadials in any stack, or can modify a prototype skRadial inside the plugin and copy that for pasting into any stack.

To edit an existing stack, select an existing skRadial in any stack and click 'Edit skRadial'. If no skRadial is selected, then it will set the existing prototype inside the plugin for editing.

The plugin allows setting of:
- Text of the Title displayed in the middle of the skRadial
- Min and Max values of the radial display
- Set line and background color, or clear the background so itŐs transparent
- set the line size (note that this uses an skRadial for itŐs display!)

INSTALLATION - works best as a plugin (just drop into your plugins folder and restart LiveCode)

NOTE: Only tested on Mac - let me know if any issues with other platforms...
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