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Script Reporter LC

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  • 12 June 2011
Script Reporter LC
Fixed a couple of issues:

- toolbar buttons and menus now enable properly when used as a standalone

Known issue: when used as a standalone, the scripts do not get colorized. This is due to the use of _internal calls which only work within the IDE.

A modified version of Stewart Lynch's Script Reporter stack.

- allows selection of .livecode files
- fixes issue when canceling file selection dialog
- adds user-selectable fonts for display and printing
- adds searching to script field
- adds selection and copying of the script field
- adds 'toolbar' and menus for common functions
- adds '(background)' tag to groups whose 'Set as Background' is true

A video of the original Script Reporter in operation is available at http://www.createchsol.com/ScriptReporter
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Mark Smith
Aug 28, 2021
The reference to the original version in operation is no longer valid (file not found 404).