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Calendar Pop v1.5 Up by Tim Bobo

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  • 28 June 2021
Calendar Selection Pop-UP
This is an update of the stack by Bob Cole, which shows how the Unix date functions can be called from LiveCode. If you want to use this on Windows you will have to tinker with that part of the code to do something more LiveCode native.

You can use and change this update freely. The calendar will look best if you have the font Helvetica Neue Condensed Medium installed. (See the image below for how it will look if you have the right font. I have a zip of the stack with this font at this URL. (http://www.leftbraintest.info/livecode/CalendarPopUp/)

If you pass the calendar no date, it will default to today's date. Once the popup is up, you can:
* Click on the Month or the Year to change them with a popup menu.
* The arrow buttons let you navigate months.
* And clicking on a day will give you that date in a LiveCode short date format.

To use this in your own stack you all you need to do is:
1) Set the mainstack property of the substack "popCal" to your stack. You might want to duplicate this sample stack first so you don't break this sample.
2) Copy one of the sample groups to the right to your stack and modify the look to what you need.

All the current graphics are in the PopCal stack, but you will need to confirm you don't have ID conflicts with any of your other stacks for the button icons. If so, you can just change the IDs of the images in the PopCal stack. The image IDs for the buttons on the left dynamcially set themselves to whatever images are in the PopCal stack. (So you can just pop your own images into the popCal stack and name them appropriately if you want to.)

The code is not especially pretty, documented, or organized. I just kept tweaking the functionality until I got what I wanted and stopped. But it is not too hard to follow, so feel free to clean it up and post a new udpate.
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